How do I get started?

I'm looking to get started on my financial education journey. Where should I begin my education? What should I learn about first?

How do I save for retirement?

I'm thinking long term and trying to ensure I have a secure retirement. How can I do that in today's market? What's the best way to prepare?

How do I preserve my retirement?

I've retired and am trying to preserve my retirement and my lifestyle. What's the best strategy?

How do I plan to save for college?

I'm preparing to save for college for my children or grandchildren - help me set them up for financial security.

These Financial Tales Will Show You How To…

  • Develop A Sustainable Relationship With Money
  • Understand Financial Markets
  • Manage Your Investments Intelligently And By Yourself
  • Identify And Hire Expert Advisors If You Choose To Work With One
  • Work Productively With Your Expert Advisor
  • Create A Game Winning Financial Team

  • Retire Intelligently And With Abundance
  • Prepare For The Unexpected
  • Learn Accountability And Develop Good Habits
  • Pick The Right College And Insurance Policy
  • Overcome The Biggest Obstacle To Investment Success
  • Learn When To Say “Yes” And When To Say “No”


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About Sera Capital

Sera Capital, Maryland Investment Management & Financial Advisors, manages money for individuals, couples, families, and other advisors. We are active managers of passive broad indices. This means we trade your portfolio on a discretionary basis based on your goals and what we think is appropriate in the hope of achieving above average rates of return with below average risk over complete market cycles.

Carlos Sera
Carl Sera

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