Who Is Sera Capital?

We Are Investors

Founded in 1990, Sera Capital is a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager.

“We are investors” helps explain the essence of our firm. This simple, singularly focused identity defines what attracts clients and inspires us to come to work every day and share in our mission–to partner with our clients to achieve their unique objectives. Our attention is entirely directed at managing client assets. Our fiduciary responsibilities are instilled in our employees and are reflected in our approach to client assets.

Our Mission

“To partner with our clients to achieve their unique investment objectives”

We have earned our clients’ trust over 26 years because:

  • Clients come first.
  • Our singular investment focus is to deliver superior long-term performance.
  • We are passionate, independent investors, unified by our commitment to technical research and the constant pursuit of investment insight.
  • Risk management and an exceptional client experience is our responsibility at Sera Capital.

Our strategy of using inverse volatility products responsibly and intentionally is unparalleled in the Greater Baltimore-Washington area and is the future of investment management. We work with a select group of clients to provide a focused and innovative mix of strategies that provides the highest level of personalization to help you reach your investment goals. We bring the next generation of investment management to you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the right choice at the right time so that our clients can Sleep Well At Night. Have you seen our logo?

What We Do

Sera Capital is a registered investment advisor, managing money for individuals, couples and other advisors. We are active managers of passive broad indices. This means we trade your portfolio on a discretionary basis, based on your goals and what we think is appropriate in the hope of achieving above average rates of return with below average risk over complete market cycles.

Why Choose Sera Capital?

Our Roots Are With Individuals

We have worked with hundreds of people and have insights to their investment behavior under emotional situations. This is why we choose not to use risk tolerance questionnaires. We know people have variable risk profiles. This has led us to focus on High Mar Solutions, because we know people prefer less volatility and more predictability and since they possess variable risk profiles, they are more apt to stay the course if we can create portfolios that achieve this end. This means we design our portfolios knowing that our client’s behavior is the single most important factor to success.


We have spent more than 26 years researching the risks that pay off. And we craft strategies that work for you.


We instill confidence in our clients because we manage their money the way we manage our own—responsible use of inverse volatility products and derivatives.


We do not hide behind a screen or even a phone; whether you are in Annapolis, Baltimore, or Washington D.C., we work to develop one of the most important relationships you will have next to your family.


We know what each of our clients’ value most and develop a personalized strategy to protect it.


Our portfolio drives your investments. We know exactly where you stand every day because we made the trades for ourselves.


Our boutique and focused approach allows our team to execute our strategy with the highest level of precision. We have no mandates. We have the freedom and discretion to buy what works for our clients and we make the right choice at the right time every time.


We minimize our overhead to give the highest level of value back to our clients.

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