We Have Two Rules About Affiliates

Two types of people come to our affiliate page. There are those looking to affiliate with Financial Tales and those that want to see our affiliates.

We have two rules when it comes to affiliations. The first is if we would use an affiliates services ourselves or recommend them to family and friends then they certainly merit consideration. The second is the service must be consistent with the Financial Tales Investment Management Philosophy.

Since we are storytellers, let us give a few examples.

Is This You?

Suppose you are a Variable Annuity Vendor and want to affiliate with us. It is unlikely we would consider you as an affiliate because we don’t recommend Variable Annuities to family and friends. Yet we have Jefferson National and Vanguard, both of which are Variable Annuity vendors on our recommended list. Why do we do this? Because they are the low cost providers of Variable Annuities, their fees are transparent and many investors find they are stuck in a high cost annuity and need an alternative. If dealt lemons, you should make lemonade and these two vendors can often make a bad situation tolerable by reducing fees substantially.

Suppose you are a Robo-Advisor. You are a provider of automated investment management and you wish to affiliate with us. If you have a questionnaire or process that could possible recommend that a hypothetical 25-40 year old with a retirement portfolio less than 4-5 times their salary have a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash you are not for us because it is inconsistent with the Financial Tales Investment Management Philosophy. We believe investors looking to build wealth need to understand how the stock market works and need to be almost 100% allocated to equities until such time as they reach a critical net worth. The inclusion of bonds and cash in their retirement portfolio will require them to work many more years than necessary. We would not recommend such a conservative allocation to family and friends.

Suppose you are a Registered Investment Advisor and want consideration to our Find a Financial Advisor program because you understand we strongly believe a person’s advisor must be someone they know, is available and can meet with in person. If you believe your primary role as an advisor is asset allocation and client education, then please contact us. If you believe your primary role as an advisor is security selection, we wish you good fortune but you are not for us.

Share Your Tale

Are you ready to share your Financial Tale?

One of the benefits our financial tales community enjoys is the ability to submit their own tale. We will keep your name private of course and if you send us a detailed overview of your financial situation we will respond to you directly in private and if your tale might be interesting to others we will share it with our fans and community.