Variable Annuities

Are Variable Annuities Worth It?

Because Financial Tales focuses on applied investment research, we must state that that we have yet to find a situation where we would recommend someone purchase a variable annuity and we have never recommended the purchase of one. This does not mean we have no variable annuities under our management – we do.

We manage variable annuities for our clients that have purchased them elsewhere and want to potentially lower their costs or perhaps make a better risk adjusted rate of return, but we have never recommended one initially. We believe there are better, cheaper less complicated ways to grow or preserve your wealth. Nevertheless, we would be foolish if we did not offer our clients a vehicle to extricate themselves from a bad variable annuity situation.

Are We the Right Fit for You?

Compare your high-cost annuity to my low-cost solution and see if you could save over $3,000 in first-year fees alone! Over time, compounding that fee savings can add an additional $200k in retirement income, without increasing risk.

If so, get in contact with us directly at (301) 464-8333 or email us at We’d be happy to help you get started today.

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