Indexed Annuities

Are Indexed Annuities the Right Vehicle for Wealth Creation?

Indexed annuities rose to popularity after the 2008 stock market slide, when they were among the top performing investments during the previous five-year period. Indexed annuities are typically associated with one or more volatile indices. When you look at the terms of an indexed annuity at first glance, it seems too good to be true. The terms seem wonderful but when you do the math, you begin to see their limitations. We don’t consider indexed annuities an appropriate vehicle for wealth creation though we have seen a number of instances where it is appropriate for wealth preservation.

What We Recommend

We certainly think there are better investments available for wealth builders and can offer our insights if you currently own one. If you are a wealth preserver and own one of these, it might be time to examine the terms of your contract as well since there are countless under-performers in the marketplace. Contact us if you are interested in a review.

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