Estate Planning

You Already Have An Estate Plan

Our philosophy on Estate Planning is that whether you know it or not, you have an Estate Plan. If you don’t have one in place then the government will tell your heirs how to divide your assets. The question then becomes what level of Estate Planning is appropriate for your situation.

What We Recommend

We don’t provide advice in this area but we will tell you what we recommend those we love should do. We recommend you find an Estate Planning Attorney that specializes in creating Estate Plans and Estate Plans only because it is an arcane field and the last thing you want to do is get it wrong.

We have general guidelines as to when people should limit their Estate Planning to a simple Will and Medical/Financial Power of Attorney but we do not wish to share them with others because every situation is different. We are not Estate Planning experts and just as our clients need investment expertise and not “almost” investment expertise, we would never want to mislead our followers. Find an expert and hire them.

Life Insurance and Your Estate Plan

For those looking to understand if or what role a life insurance policy might play as part of your Estate Plan, we urge you to read A Tale of Accountability.

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