High Net Worth Families

Sera Capital offers Private Clients a customized solution based on their circumstances. If you are an individual or couple with a combined net worth in excess of $3 million dollars or if you had an individual or joint income in excess of $500,000 in the previous two years, you may be eligible for these services. If we are not the right fit for you, we may guide you in a different direction through our personalized research service. Lastly, you are always welcome in our community solution.

Private Clients

Sera Capital is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor and works exclusively with individuals, families and other advisors. We offer three services, custom, community and personalized research.

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Find a Financial Advisor


You have reached a level of financial success where you may want to have others assist you with your investment management. If you wish to establish this relationship with someone either close to your home or easily accessible, we can help guide you in the vetting process. To help you gain perspective about this service and if it makes sense for you, we suggest you read one of our tales, A Monkey Tale.

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Are We the Right Fit for You?

If so, get in contact with us directly at (301) 464-8333 or email us at contact@seracapital.com. We’d be happy to help you get started today.

Share Your Tale

Are you ready to share your Financial Tale?

One of the benefits our financial tales community enjoys is the ability to submit their own tale. We will keep your name private of course and if you send us a detailed overview of your financial situation we will respond to you directly in private and if your tale might be interesting to others we will share it with our fans and community.