Financial Planning

Our philosophy on financial planning is different from much of the financial planning industry – our goal is to clear up misconceptions. We encourage you to read several of our tales and view our resources to help you gain insight and perspective.

Once you understand the unpredictable nature of markets, your financial plans will have an element of reality.


  • A Martini Tale – explains what we think really matters to you
  • A Retirement Tale – explain the pitfalls of using online calculators and the problem with a buy and hold approach to planning.
  • A Monkey Tale – helps you determine if you can hire an expert advisor or you must be a do-it-yourselfer.
  • A Doom and Gloom Tale – speaks to the problems with financial planning.

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One of the benefits our financial tales community enjoys is the ability to submit their own tale. We will keep your name private of course and if you send us a detailed overview of your financial situation we will respond to you directly in private and if your tale might be interesting to others we will share it with our fans and community.