Financial Education

We Promote Financial Literacy because we are convinced that until you reach a critical net worth you should manage your own investments.

  • While we strongly urge our readers to work with advisors, you may be better off managing your own money than working with anyone other than an “Expert Advisor.”
  • You cannot hire an “Expert Advisor” unless you make it worth their while. An Expert Advisor’s time is limited and they may gravitate towards high-net worth clients.
  • When managing your own investments, you are your own worst enemy. You should build behavior-proof portfolios to minimize the likelihood of self-sabotage.



View the world through the eyes of an investment advisor. Gain insights into your relationship with money and create financial success with our Financial Tales.

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Financial Tales Will Show You How To…

  • Develop a sustainable relationship with money
  • Understand financial markets
  • Manage you investments intelligently and by yourself
  • Identify and hire expert advisors if you choose to work with one
  • Work productively with your expert advisor
  • Create a game winning financial team

  • Retire intelligently and with abundance
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Learn accountability and develop good habits
  • Pick the right college and insurance policy
  • Overcome the biggest obstacle to investment success
  • Learn when to say “yes” and when to say “no”


january, 2019

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Find a Financial Advisor


You’ve reached a level of financial success where you may want to have others assist you with your investment management. You believe your best chance for continued success is to establish a relationship with a fee-based, registered investment advisor. You may want to establish this relationship with someone either close to your home or easily accessible. Either way, we can help you in the vetting process of a qualified advisor.

To help you gain perspective about this service, we suggest reading A Monkey Tale and A Tale of Incentive.

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One of the benefits our financial tales community enjoys is the ability to submit their own tale. We will keep your name private of course and if you send us a detailed overview of your financial situation we will respond to you directly in private and if your tale might be interesting to others we will share it with our fans and community.