A couple months ago, I was selected as a finalist to present our Inverse Volatility Approach to the Investor Shark Tank at the National Association of Active Investment Managers National Conference out in San Diego. While I did not win, the experience was one I will always remember because it gave me the opportunity to present in front of a large audience, which I had never done before.

I’m still waiting on the video from the Shark Tank and the feedback from the panel and audience, but I was sent a copy of an interview that I did with Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio out of Southern California a few hours before presenting.

Charley writes:


Here is your Podcast of the recording we did at the NAAIM Conference in San Diego in May.  Your patience has been most appreciated.  Editing required extra time to complete these because of some technical challenges and because I have swamped them lately with a plethora of interviews.  Thank you for understanding.

Re: the audio quality – We were using newly purchased, upgraded recording equipment and did not get the setting just right.  I am too loud, you are too soft and the background noise is too loud.  We have edited as much as possible, and quality is acceptable, but it is not what it will be in the future.

The recording can also be found on our website – – We make it available on iTunes, Stitcher and elsewhere.  You can:

  • Post it on your website;
  • Distribute it to your e-database;
  • Post it on Social Media
  • Send it to whomever you would like

Just send the link below and they will access this Podcast.  All this for FREE.  Pretty cool.  AND, Podcasts never wear out.

Here’s the Link:

If there are any issues or questions re: your Podcast do not hesitate to let me know.

I’ll stay in touch and offer my best wishes that your continued efforts to build your practice and contribute to NAAIM will be successful.



Charley Wright


I hope that you enjoy the podcast as it will give you a brief history of our approach and our book Financial Tales and if you’d like to know more about how and why this approach works, please read my Inverse Volatility article on

Carl Sera

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