What do Kevin O’Leary and Carlos Sera have in common?

05 Dec What do Kevin O’Leary and Carlos Sera have in common?

I know the headline is a bit much, but for years, we’ve been espousing the virtues of being mindful of your habitual purchases. Kevin O’Leary happens to agree in a recent article on CNBC.


As anyone who’s familiar with our blog and book knows, we’ve been saying this longer than anyone else.

It’s been picked up by Tony Robbins in his book, Money: Master the Game.


And some other notables:

Money 101: How much is your Starbucks habit costing you? 7 tips to save on coffee







What you will notice is that our post goes back years before everyone else. The message is always the same, be mindful of your small daily habitual purchases. These can make all the difference because how you do small things is how you do everything. It may seem silly to forgo your delicious magical beans that can wake sleeping giants in favor of a big payoff in the future, it is. We aren’t saying, don’t drink coffee, just make it at home. Get a Keurig, get a percolator, get 3 lbs of Dunkin for $19.99. While we may not have billions of dollars like Kevin O’Leary, we do share one thing in common, habits.


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