A Tale of Rules

30 Nov A Tale of Rules

A Tale of Rules (Rules Rule) What goes around comes around is a well-known phrase that teaches us that eventually we must deal with the consequences of our actions.  While some interpretations are judgmental, to me the phrase means that balance must be restored. When I was a...

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31 Jul A Tale of Fandango

(FAANG-down-go) I was recently meeting with two of my clients and they asked me how the stock market was doing.  I’ve probably heard this question a thousand times and I was prepared to go into the standard year to date returns and past performance regurgitation but...

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30 Jun A Tale of Duration

"Just Learn the Rule of Thumb" What do you mean?  Is it really?  Are you sure?  These are common phrases frequently used when we simply don’t understand something.  I’m sure we all have our unique ways to express our bewilderment.  Duration is a financial term that...

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magician's hat

31 May A Tale of Magic

Abracadabra! 2% is 3% I was recently asked a question that I had not heard in over a decade or two.  The reason of course is because the risk associated with rising interest rates has not been the topic of news or discussion in quite some...

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30 Apr A Rising Tale

A Rising Tale "You Need to Focus" Interest rates.  We are constantly bombarded with these rascals.  To some, understanding them is easy.  To others, forget about it.  This is A Rising Tale, because that is the talk of the town these days as the 10-year treasury has...

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