Financial Tales Portfolio Quarterly Update

Financial Tales Portfolio Quarterly Update


Cash to International Dividend Paying Stocks & Inverse Russell 2000 on May 21st.


We are working with Covestor to make our investment management approach directly available to you.  Once we are set up on the Covestor platform, investors can open an account at Interactive Brokers and mirror our trades.

Remember, most advisors will not give retail accounts the time of day because they simply aren’t worth the advisor’s time.  If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter, low-fee approach, there are plenty of ETFs and Mutual Funds available to you.  However, if you’re a DIY Investor looking for investment management across your choice of managers and models, Covestor may be the right decision for you.

Before we make our investment approach directly investable to you, familiarize yourself with Covestor and their competition.  You may find that there are other managers on their platform that interest you in addition to what we do.


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  1. I can see how the cookie cutter approach would seem attractive, but the alternative you’ve presented is sound.

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